Why Choose Organic?

For years I thought I was loosing my taste buds, as I grew older.

How wrong I was to think it was age related.

It’s the new fangled way of growing that depletes the soil of all that should be in there to feed the plants.

How lucky I was that fate led me to Organic. Here I discovered things could grow NATURALLY. Without intensive fertilisers and pesticides. And to taste fresh salad leaves in March, from a poly-tunnel without heat, brought back to life my taste buds with a vengeance

Pumping in nitrogen makes things grow, but it doesn’t put in all the other nutrients once they have been taken out in previous crops. The nutrients have to be put back for the new plants to use them. If they can’t find the nutrition, the plant cannot contain all the goodness that it should. So the end result may look good. - Beauty is but skin deep.

If fruit and vegetables are large, it doesn’t mean that they’re full of goodness. Water will make fruit bigger and juicy. Water weighs and weight is money!

Now I’ve discovered that Fresh Organic Fruit and Vegetables contain more nutrition, vitamins and minerals than other commercially grown foods, what else do they have to offer?

Recent research has found that plants that are not sprayed with pesticides produce Salvestrols. Salvestrols are used by the plants when they come under threat from fungus, virus etc. Very much like we release adrenaline when we’re under pressure.

When we eat the fruit/vegetable, these same salvestrols somehow manage to slip through the liver and into the blood, although “scientifically”, they shouldn’t. When in the blood they can then destroy bad cells.

Fresh Fruit and vegetables also contain, Resveratrols and some have Glyconutrients, which again provide the body with a resource vital to life. Broccoli, Red Grapes, Beetroot, tomatoes and prunes are the best source.

Many of these elements are processed out because of their bitter taste and the salvestrol levels alone, in modern food, is below 20% of what it was in the mid 1900’s.

There are more benefits to Organic Foods, but these can be lost in keeping, preserving or freezing. We hope to point these out in the future as we journey down a sensible road to eating healthily, despite the rising cost of food, we will try to make your weekly budget affordable and hope to include some very nutritious recipes for you to try in the future.

John Buxton
Managing Director of Ryecorn Wholefoods Ltd
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