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Organic, or Not Organic? That is the question.
At Ryecorn we think it is common sense to assume food grown with care and without the use of pesticides is going to be better for us.
The organic debate will go on and on because we can’t all convert to organic overnight. No matter which side is correct, you can always find an argument to prove the other side wrong. Even the bible contradicts itself from one gospel to another and accountants and lawyers make money from juggling the facts and figures to make their side look good.
The only way to get the true facts is to find out yourself.

Don’t let supermarkets fool you, Organic food means healthy food not premium priced food. In recent years there seems to have been a trend by supermarkets to market organic food as a premium priced product. At Ryecorn Wholefoods we are working are hard to buck the trend. In recent comparisons many of our organic foods where the same as OR LESS than supermarket standard produce prices.