Natural Antibiotics

Recently, many of those who have been in the shop have been on antibiotics. There are many reasons for doctors prescribing antibiotics, usually an infection but why not tell us how to boost our bodies by eating the right foods as well as taking a pill? Many believe it is because THEY can’t make any money out of natural medicines. (Not even V.A.T.)
Did you know that many of our organic vegetables and fruit have antibiotic properties? The strongest is GARLIC, which is an antibiotic, antiviral and a fungicide. Using garlic in your food sterilises and as a bonus, can enhance the flavours. It also helps the body to fight infection from the inside and is very good for the heart, helping reduce blood pressure.
Fresh lemon also destroys bacteria and retards oxidation. And for those people with an acidic diet, the lemon changes to an alkali in the stomach. BUT DO USE REAL LEMON JUICE. The rind of the fruit contains the essential oil. Zesting a lemon gives you the oil, which has many uses, including removing warts/ verucas from the body. Add the oil to sodium bicarbonate and apply with a damp cloth and you have the perfect fridge cleaner which cleans and destroys any odour from food.
Cinnamon in the diet, falls into the same antibiotic category, but also helps regulate insulin levels in the body and helps repel insects. Then we eat Onions, Sage, Celery, Tomatoes, Thyme, Leeks, all provide the body with vital assistance as well as food. With Organic, of course, you don’t have to worry about the food being covered in chemicals etc. You can eat the lot!
Please keep the above information to yourself, we don’t want to put Procter & Gamble out of business.
Life is simple. We make it complicated
Going on holiday, change of food, change of water? Have you boosted your probiotics?
We have good bacteria and bad bacteria in our guts and the good guys should be boosted when travelling away from home. At home our bodies have built up resistance to our local bad bugs. When away, we meet a new set of bugs, so we need to build up the good bugs in our gut to fight the new guys. 
Take a good dose of Probiotics, (Acidophilus), before and during your holiday and avoid “Delhi Belly”or “Tunisia Tummy”.
It can make a difference to your holiday.